Peter Walquist and the late Jim Sewell, established Mechanical Associates of Wisconsin, Inc. (MAWI) in 1984. They believe that all clients had the right to expect custom design and installation for their projects at a fair price. This basic philosophy remains unchanged and is still the cornerstone for our business today.

Our company is a mechanical contracting firm specializing in heating, air conditioning, ventilating and plumbing installations for industrial and institutional construction. We have excellent bonding capabilities, which enable us to serve clients of all sizes.

We consider ourselves as more than just a mechanical contracting firm. We partner ourselves with our clients to get the job completed. We advise them on the most economical, efficient way to solve their problems, which means installing the best product for the best price and finishing the job on time within budget.

Our work force has a combined experience for over 150 years and all work is completed by skilled, union employees.

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